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The New Armies of Light 
Born in Cordoba, Argentina, Maria Gisela Carta became aware of her unique and special gifts, although it took many years and some difficult circumstances for her to fully appreciate, embrace and manifest her desire to be of divine service. 

For many years, she was criticized for being different, lacking conformity to her family and country's rigid catholic heritage.  She searched for answers, first in an ongoing investigation in other religious beliefs and ancient cultures.  She was particularly drawn to the ancient Egyptians, and their antecedents from Atlantis and Lemuria.  The legend and lore of these remarkable cultures drew her interest and curiosity.   She knew from an early age that thee was a special connection. 

After many years of exploration and investigation, a remarkable series of events began to unfold in the days leading up to December 21, 2012...the "end" of the Mayan calendar for some, and the beginning of the New Era of the Feminine and the Age of Pisces. While visiting Palm Springs, California, in the Mojave Desert, situated on the ancient and holy lands of the Aguascalientes Indians, she was awakened to her mission and called into service.  At that moment she recognized that her search for meaning, the long journey of research and personal investigation and inquiry had prepared her for this moment.  It was a truly transformational opening for the planet and for her personally as well.  

​The New Era was unfolding and Gisela had her place revealed. The transition from the Age of Aquarius to the Age of Pisces and from the age of the Masculine to the Age of the Feminine is profound and exciting.  It is marked by the so-called end of the Mayan calendar but it is really the beginning of a new age of understanding for planet earth as we move from following "powerful" people to becoming empowered ourselves..from looking for answer outside to encountering the answer for ourselves inside. 

For this era, Gisela's humbly accepted her calling into the serviced of mankind to assist in this powerful time of transition and transformation.  She recognized that this would be difficult for many, as it had been difficult and painful at time for her on her, but her our journey would serve as the wisdom and guidance to be of service to others. To assist in this endeavor, it was revealed to Gisela that the Crystals would serve as the new armies of light, bring us back to our original purity and clarity of thought word and deed.  The crystals would facilitate and guide us into these new energies of love and light.  As Edgar Casey stated, "Crystals will be used to heal the world!" 

In receiving her command in November, 2012, it was revealed to Gisela that she would channel Metatron, the Lord of Light, created by God after giving light to the planet, the first Archangel and servant of the Creator himself.  All her life Gisela could feel the magnificent vibration of rocks and stones and now she was called to channel energy into these natural rock crystals of the earth.  Soon after recognizing her gift, she was called to channel energy into the manmade crystals , created from the earth under heat and pressure into pure and empty vessels awaiting infusion from the creator to carry healing energy, light and love. In her work with the crystals, Gisela reminds us that these Divine Light Crystals and not answer but guides, shedding light on our path of evolution and our return to purity, peace and love..not to take us someplace but to return us to our state of perfection.​