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Ambiance Crystals 

What are the Crystals of the New Era?

Crystals of the New Era are irradiated and charged with a particular vibration of light, in a sacred place (Temple of Light), by our beloved Archangel Metatron, Ascended Masters, Angels,  Archangels and Light Beings.

What do they do?
They assist you in your personal and global ascension process.
Crystal Angels and Masters accompany you.
They are purest pranic nourishment for our soul and spirit
They connect you with higher dimensions of light, with your Higher Self You gain greater insight, clarity and purity.
They permeate all structures and energy bodies = the Light Body process.
​They revitalize, free up and activate you.
They activate your Merkaba, our light body.
You feel floating, lifted, detached, illuminated by light, carried by angel energy the lightness of being.
You come into the flow of life, flowing in the Golden Stream of the Universe.
You can release and begin anew All Light Crystals have a crystalline energetization and initiation. 

What are the differences between the Crystals of the New Age and other crystals?
Power is immortal, they CAN be touched by people or beings that nothing will alter them, not even if they are broken, cracked or chipped. 
No need to cleanse or recharge them.
Each one has a light being inside that adapt to you and assist you.
Have self-awareness, Are from the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th dimensions.
Radiate light, love and power of the New Era.  Their power is imperishable, being thus an energy Portal for the New Era.
Material with which are made: Extremely high quality crystal, which is manufactured with sand, then melted at over 800 degrees Celsius.  This process assures that the crystal contains all the energies of the planet and are then purified so as to never lose their power.  They are fired, impregnated and radiated becoming Crystals of the New Era, full of beings of light. 

Natural Earth Crystals:
Their power is easily corruptible and not eternal, they require constant cleaning and maintenance, and they lose their power and potential if they are broken, cracked or chipped.  If they break they are no longer powerful and lose their usefulness in the spiritual domain. They no have self-awareness. They are the 4th dimension only. They contain ONLY the energy of Mother Earth, as they are formed at different periods in the evolution of the Earth,. They contain the energies of the Earth elementals.

How do they work?
They raise the vibration of our being and environments by activating “chi”,  activate our Merkaba, emit low frequency energies, expand our consciousness: we remember who we are and lead us to the most high power of the universe: The Masters of Light and light beings, integrating as well, the new powers of our being.  Then each crystal, according to its shape and color have, energy specific to each. Every being that carries with them a Crystal of the New Age or has one in thier home, or work,..., will be assisting in the expansion of our consciousness and the elevation of Mother Earth. Applications: in environments, enclosed spaces or button(TCI), like earrings or rings, to meditate for healings, therapies, physical spiritual and/or almas, to clean spaces, people, animals, in water for drinking, which is impregnated with powers or in bathtubs.

​All Light Crystals of the New Age harmonize and energize your aura and rooms:

 * they harmonize water veins, harmful earth radiation, fault lines. * they harmonize technical radiation, e.g. electrosmog, wireless devices, etc. * they energize water, food and beverages. * they create a protective field of light in your aura or in rooms and buildings. * they suffuse your aura and rooms with pure light energy and create a protective light sphere.


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​​​Crystals of the New Era
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