$53 (50mm) $75 (76mm), $108 ​(89mmCR)

Spiritual potential: 
Unify the material
Cleans the aura.
Clean the head and upper chakras (5,6,7 and above).
Unifies the divine plan
Opens and expands the heart.
Unify farms feet and lower, with the upper and harmony.
It transports us to the dimension of consciousness.

Colors: Crystal AB ID#10217

$64 (18mm)$150 (28mm) 

Spiritual potential: 
I am the light of the creator coming into you.
Manifesting the greatness of his work, right through all beings of light, to reach consciousness and power.
I am the manifestation of his own Self, activating the divine consciousness in each one of you for the greatness of our land., Sending signals of peace and harmony.
I am the love of the Creator.
Colors: Crystal AB, Golden Shadow, Silver Night ID#10708

Pillar of the Earth

$99 (50mm)

Spiritual potential: 
Materialize peace and harmony to all levels that will resonate in all of your being.
We sing in unison.
I am the Mother, the Father and humanity united in one heart, to reach harmony together, work together and achieve world peace.
Create new networks. Manifest peace and love. Unites our hearts.

Colors: Crystal AB ID#10707

$45 (18mm)

Spiritual potential: 
 Awakens the Goddess and Divine Feminine in you
 Is a key to the Alchemical wedding--the sacred fusion of the purest energy of the original Goddess

Radiates Love and Harmony
 Carries the purest delivery and opening of the Temple inside the heart
Colors: Crystal AB, Astral Pink ID#10102

Goddess Heart

$55 (40mm) $70 (63mm)

Spiritual potential: 
 Radiates the harmony for family and work
 Dissolves the worries of life

• Creates a harmonious environment for restful sleep
Transmits and incorporates inner peace
• Establishes connection between the "I AM" and the heart chakra
Balances both hemispheres fo the brain
• Neutralizes low vibrational energies
Color: Crystal AB Sizes: 40, 63mm ID#11203

Cross of Harmony 

$52 (50mm) $88 (76mm) $148 (89mm) ​$116 (100mmCR) crystal

Spiritual potential: 
 Carries the power of detachment
 Clears and clarifies

Indicates the direction
Raises awareness

Colors: Crystal, AB, Vitral Sizes: 50, 76, 89, 100mm ID#10804

$110 (50mm)

Spiritual potential: 
 Clarifies and guides us on a path to enlightenment
 ​Strengthens the Divine Being within us and our environments
Expansion of your own Light Being
Color: Crystal AB Sizes: 50mm ID#12102

Eye of God 

$32 (19mm AB), $48 (19mm VM,BL,VI), $106 (33mm VM),

$133 (40mm AB,VM,TPZAB), $81 (40mm) Crystal

Spiritual potential: 
 Opens the third eye, gives a clear and objective look at your life
 ​Allows us to "look from the heart"
 Radiates strong father support energy in your life
Color: Topaz AB, Crystal, Vitrol Medium Sizes: 19, 40mm ID#11303

  $32 (20mm)

Spiritual potential: 
 Christ energy transmitted with diamond
 Reminds us of our origin​
 Connecting to the source, producing peace​
Manifests the Divine presence

Color: Crystal AB, Light Amethyst Sizes: 20mm ID#11201

Snowflake of Purification

$12 (14mm) $15 (16mm) $24 (18mm) $36 (20mm) $47/$55 (30mm)

$70 (50mm)

Spiritual potential: 
 Promotes spiritual growth
 Provides safety and reassurance​
 Connects us to the joy of the heart​
 Cleans negative emotions through gentle and tender love
Shows the happiness through light
Possible uses: Great if you are going through big transitions in your life. Enjoy the peaceful cradle of a mother's warm arms; giving a sensation that everything will be OK, whatever your circumstance.
Color: Crystal AB, Various Sizes: 14,16, 18, 20,30,50mm ID#10901

$24/$33 ​(20mm)

Spiritual potential: 
 Stabilizes the path to ascension​
 Radiates purification energy to cleanse us​

Color: Crystal AB Size: 20mm ID#10802
$21 (16mm) $28 (22mm) $36 (28mm) $42 (38mm) $47/$68 (50mm) ​$95 (76mm) $140 (89mm)
Spiritual potential: 
 Ultimate self-empowerment
 Connects with the power of manifestation through your words
 Brings happiness
 Powerful protection, guidance, and manifestation from the
LightLord Metatron
Color: Crystal AB, Various ID#10801

Metatron: Masculine Aspect

Transform your Life 

Spread the Light

Change the world! 



​​​Avatar Crystals
​​​Crystals of the New Era

Universal Consciousness


Peace Crystal

Cross of Freedom

$59 (18mm AB), $70 (18mm Vitral Medium), $92 (28mm AB)

Spiritual potential: 
 Releases that which does not belong ot serves our soul purpose
 Cleans and clears the emotions

Allows for sensation of relief and freedom
 Creates the space for new beginnings
Colors: 18mm (AB, VM) 28mm AB ID#11204

Buddha Medallion

$130 (28mm)

Spiritual potential: 
 Awakens the heart with a ray of light
 Creates an opening for wisdom

Creates an inner space of peace
 Connects the heart with the third eye
Colors: Crystal AB ID#10360

Light of Harmony

$72 (4omm)

Spiritual potential: 
 Opens the channels of communication
 Brings peace and harmony

Condenses, concentrates to expel stuck energies
 Clears the mind and creates new neural pathways in the brain
Colors: Silver Shade ID#10216

Hearts of Unconditional Love

$18 (14mm), $26 (18mm), $36 (20mm), $64 (28mm), $84 (40mm),$66 (50mm)

Spiritual potential: 
 Attracts unconditional love
 Purifies the heart

Radiates unconditional love, understanding and acceptance
 Integrates the heart chakra
 Radiates the power of Divine Love
 This is a heart crystal mirror of God's Love--pure and crystal clear!
Colors: Aquamarine, Aurora Borealis, Black Diamond, Blue Zircon, Emerald, Light Amethyst, Light Sapphire, Peridot, Rose, Sapphire, Siam, Silver Shade, Topaz, Violet ID#10101



Love Service Templance

$42 (18mm), $80 (25mm), $84 (28mm) $104 (35mm)

Spiritual potential: 
 Cleanse the 3rd eye chakra & solar plexus & spiritual heart
 Cleanse the mind, neck, & back

Helps you to be flexible but strong in life

• "I am a light in your heart for developing your own purpose in life"
Color: Crystal AB Sizes: 25, 28, 35mm ID#11300

$98.00 (50mm)

Spiritual potential: 
 Reconnection with Source
Reminds us of who we are in the "here and now"
Clarifies through our mission of love and purity
Color: Crystal AB, Blue-Violet Sizes: 50mm ID#12103

Crystal of Reconnection 

Drops of Illumination 

$22 (14mm) $27 (16mm)

Spiritual potential: 
 Elevates your vibration
 ​Raises awareness and opens us to multidimensionality
 Guides in a direct way
 Connects us to the consciousness of the Ascended Masters
Color: Crystal AB Sizes: 14, 16mm ID#11305

$14 (20mm) $25 (28mm) $33 (40mm)       all out of stock

Spiritual potential: 
 Opens the third eye, gives a clear and objective look at your life
 ​Allows us to "look from the heart"
 Radiates strong father support energy in your life
Color: Crystal AB Sizes: 20, 28mm ID#11302

Triangle: New Beginnings

Moons of Peace

 $75 (30mm)

Spiritual potential:   Balances the mind, body and spirit Activates the faith within you Clarifies your own channel  Connects you with Mother Earth
 Expands your self-empowerment
 Radiates energy of unlimited, universal support
Color: Crystal AB Sizes: 30mm ID#11101

The New Armies of Light 

Made with pure organic Love by Mother Nature

$98 (38mm)

Spiritual potential: 
 Provides peace and harmony
 Promotes the sensation that "everything is OK"

Connects us with the "I AM" presence -- our Divinity within
 Generates peace between us and Mother Earth
Colors: Crystal AB 38mm ID#10803

Feminine Metatron

$19 (38mm), $25 (50mm)

Spiritual potential: 
 Connects with the protection, love and containment of Metatron in the physical plane
 Powerful guidance, protection and nurturing from the Light-Lord Metatron

Empowerment from the Light-Lord Metatron

Colors: Crystal 38, 50mm ID#10206

Peace of Mind

$48 (50mm), $72 (76mm), $150 (89mm)

Spiritual potential: 
 Releases that which does not belong ot serves our soul purpose
 Cleans and clears the emotions

Allows for sensation of relief and freedom
 Creates the space for new beginnings
Colors: Crystal AB 50, 76, 89mm ID#10215

$41 (32mm)

Spiritual potential: 

Helps establish roots
 Amplifies and expands consciousness
 Consumes entities
Colors: Crystal AB ID#11202

Celtic Cross

Many of our crystals are made by 




Light Sapphire


$39 (18mm crystal with 20" silver box chain

Spiritual potential: 
 Expansion of the heart
 Magnetize the energy

Elevate the level of attraction of the heart
Color: Golden Shadow, Silver Shade Sizes: 18mm ID#11510

Multi-Dimensional Crystal

Bell of Detachment 

$58 (50mm) ​$97 (76mm)

Spiritual potential: 
 Receive a new level of love
 Receive a new feeling of love

Enjoy the sensation of experiencing a life of happiness, compassion, and joy
Color: Crystal AB Sizes: 50, 76mm ID#10210

Lord of Love 

$33 (18mm)

Spiritual potential: 
 Cleanses chakras from the heart and up--front and back​
Expands and opens the chest and the heart​
Enables you to view the beauty and essence of life​
Brings clarity to the mind
Color: Silver Shade Sizes: 16mm ID#11304

Butterfly of Light 

Multidimensional Soul 

$53 (45mm)  

Spiritual potential: 
 Integrates different aspects of being
 Brings peace and reconciliation with Mother Earth
 Raises awareness and expands
 ​Clarifies the mission in the "here and now"
Color: Crystal AB Sizes: 45mm ID#11301

Eye of God 

Multi-Dimensional Circle

Crystal of the Cross

Square of Order

$19 (22mm) 
Spiritual potential: 
 The power of organizing
 Clarifies your purpose in life
 Clarifies priorities
 Opens possibilities
 Provides Protection
Color: Crystal AB Sizes: 22mm ID#11001